Wednesday 17 July 2019

An emerging creative force

an early winter morning

The move to Scotland opened up so many pathways with the profusion of creative communities and the stunning landscape.  Why had I left it so late in life ? No point in regrets, for every day brings new ideas and stimulation.

And so The Write Yard creative writing group was born in March 2019, in a small pre-fabricated building behind the Cafe Royal in Annan. There had not been a regular writers group in the town as far as I am aware. On the first day, four enthusiastic women turned up and the numbers have grown over the months.

What experience had I in running a writing group, you may ask?

Well actually, none.

 Planning the meetings has been an interesting exercise, and I hope that the time and effort involved will have a positive impact on my own writing.

The purpose of the group is simply to get everyone writing. I encourage, cajole, give them exercises for homework and joy of joys, they come back to the next meeting with written work which never ceases to amaze in its variety and quality.

Everyone has a story to tell, you simply need to find a voice. 

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