Friday 27 September 2019

Book Review The Last 10 Seconds

The Last 10 Seconds. Simon Kernick

This is a fast paced read. Description is kept to a minimum and action prioritised. At first I found the alternating viewpoints of the two main characters a bit stilted, but reading on, it worked better as the story unfolded.

Sean Egan is an undercover cop who launches into situations with a complete lack of consideration for his own safety . He fails to keep his boss up to speed and suffers numerous assaults from which he remarkably recovers.

Tina Boyd is a Detective Inspector with a reputation for doggedly pursuing crime and getting results. She has survived a number of shooting incidents and struggles with a dependency on alcohol.

As the plot develops with numerous twists and turns, the two main characters cross paths, and many hardened criminals bite the dust. A rapist and murderer is brought to justice and a high profile corrupt  politician comes to a sticky end.

This is a great read for a tedious journey but unlikely to make the pile of books to be read a second time.


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