Wednesday 31 July 2019

Book Review. The Cosmology of Love

Book review

The Cosmology of Love by Edmund Wigram.

The concept of love at the heart of being is not new.

Empedocles stated ' At the beginning of time, Love completely dominated the universe'. Empedocles was born around 490 BC, and still today scientists, philosophers and religious thinkers grapple with the enormity of the Cosmos and our individual status on that tiny speck we call Earth.

Edmund Wigram has found a way to explore the complexity of being and consciousness through embracing love as the energy for life. He explains how love nourishes the heart, that sacred place of peace  which can be found within us through meditation and teaching. His views are written with clarity and following each short chapter are hints on how to delve deeper by imagining the beauty of nature as a tool to allow love to begin flowing into your heart place.

Choice underlies each and every statement. We are all free to choose and this, to me, emphasises the inclusivity of his ideas. No matter what gender, no matter what religious beliefs, no matter what culture, everyone can find tenets of truth in these writings.

This book straddles the self-help and philosophy categories. In these days of increasing complexity of human life where loneliness and depression are pits that anyone can find themselves falling into, this book offers succour.

I have the great privilege of knowing this author, one of our local writers. He has spent the past thirty years as a healer, travelling the world and learning from eminent healers. This book he has described to me as his life's work, though he was quick to comment that he has not yet finished, and we must wait for the next instalment.

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