Saturday 27 July 2019

How I became a writer at 30,(or 50, 60, or any other age)

How I became a writer at 30,(or 50, 60, or any other age)

I have read a number of articles by writers enthusing about their blossoming career at a mature age. In fact, the majority explain how they have become published writers ( as if this is the only goal), and they use their post as a way of further promoting their work.
This is not useful to the average beginner. Of course it is encouraging to hear of an author who publishes their first book or first poetry collection and I applaud them for their effort, but when just starting out, the process of writing relies on self belief rather than envy.
I would say to anyone wanting to start writing, your age is entirely irrelevant.
The words that you want to get on paper will keep trying to surface through your everyday thoughts until you embark on that journey. And when you do, you will be captivated by the whole procedure. Whether it results in a published piece of work or not is far less important than the pleasure you will gain through writing.  
So don't be influenced by the experience of others.
 Begin, and your life will be changed for the better.

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